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Corporate philosophy, mission, and integrity
make a company thrive, die, or barely stay alive. Are you sure your philosophies and mission are faithfully carried out by management? If so, how do you know it is done so with integrity? The truth is you do not and will not until you fearlessly search for truth, understand real problems, and acknowledge that you have them.

It is easy to repair obvious problems. Like when you fall and scrape your knee, you fix it with a bandage. When you get a headache you take an aspirin. What if the cut and headache is not the problem? After it’s too late, you discover the real problem is a malignant tumor in your brain. It is only natural for us to diagnose our problems by what we see, feel, and believe – causing us to ignore the internal problems that are more severe. This same philosophy is true in the corporate world.

If you are willing to accept this truth you are ready for the Boundless FreshStart™. The FreshStart™ Program checks the integrity of internal and external systems that protect the organization from dysfunction and failure to promote a healthy existence.

Just like we go to the doctor for preventative care and specialists for treatment, you should do the same for your organization. The FreshStart™ program does this by applying surgical precision in the most vital parts of the organization: the brain, the conscience, and the body. The FreshStart™ program is modular so you can adapt some or all modules for a complete examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

HeadCheck™  An examination and diagnosis of your intellectual property trust (the “brain”); Board, Audit Committee, Chief Executive, Legal, Audit, HR, Financial, Technology, and Compliance Officers.

ConscienceCheck™  An examination and diagnosis of the internal audit activity (the “conscience”) to identify problems and implement procedures to conform to global standards.

BodyCheck™  An examination and diagnosis over the well-being of the Company’s people, process, and technology (the “body”) to identify symptoms of problems.

LaserSurgery™  A single procedure that dissects a problem to stop, repair, or recover damages caused.

BrainSurgery™  The integration of intelligent systems to actualize risk information to support strategic decision making and risk response.


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